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What is bitpaxcryptofx

bitpaxcryptofx is an investment company registered and licenced in the United Kingdom, New Zealan and Australia. It is a registered digital asset investment firm based in the UK providing a secure and profitable investment platform, backed up by forex trading, stock trading, cryptocurrency trading, and investing in various funds and activities.

I have repeatedly lost money on investments, can I trust your company?

We are fully registered and licensed in three major countries, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. Our investors are very important to us, generating profits consistently is our top priority. The service provides safe and fast transactions without revealing users identities. We provide the best possible rates by comparing a wide range of reliable trading platforms.

How do I invest?

Register an account, choose the most preferable plan, fund your choice of investment, relax and watch your profits grow.

What are the plans I can invest?

This depends on the investment plan. There are five plans: FOREX, CRYPTO, REAL ESTATE, NFT and GOLD plans.

What payment methods are available to invest in?

Cryptocurrency, to ensure secure and speedy transactions, bitpaxcryptofx currently accepts payments in ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT).

How long does it take to receive money from the wallet for my deposit?

Ranging from few seconds to 2 hours depending on level of congestion on the blockchain of the chosen cryptocurrency.

How many plans are available for one user?

Each user has access to any of the five investment plans available on the platform.

Can I earn without investing?

Yes, you can also earn by referring friends and family. You earn commissions based on the plan the referred user invests in ( 5% on every deposit).

Are there any withdrawal fees?

We maintain a zero withdrawal fee policy on bitpaxcryptofx.

How long does it take for my withdrawal to be sent?

Your withdrawal is sent instantly after it is requested. Cryptocurrencies take 12 to 24 business hours.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts for withdrawal?

Minimum withdrawal amount is $200, there is no maximum withdrawal amount.

I want to reinvest the funds received, is it possible?

Yes, investors are free to do whatsoever with their gotten profits, including reinvesting into any plan of their choice with no extra fees attached.

How does the company generate profits for its investors?

bitpaxcryptofx generates income by investing in various markets (crypto, stocks, forex, commodities, agro, real estate, NFTs). These decisions are made through results from our proprietary trade prediction an execution engine powered by artificial intelligence and big data ensuring high efficiency and prediction.

How secure are user accounts and personal data?

We understand that this question is quite obvious. bitpaxcryptofx possesses 100+ well-qualified IT professionals. We are using advanced SSL encryption technology. Our website is protected from all DDoS attacks and also each account is protected with 2-factor authentication and an HTTPS protocol.